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Integrator JSC

We integrate AI

Our company is solving a significant challenge in today’s businesses: the need for higher efficiency. We enable companies to transition from expensive and prone-to-error human labour to digital labour, with instant response and consistent accuracy of provided output, available around the clock 24/7.

about us

Serial Entrepreneurs & IT innovators for AI Integration

A team of serial entrepreneurs and IT professionals with many years of corporate experience in Fortune 100 companies, backed up by a legal team with a pristine portfolio built Integrator JSC. Our goal is to help businesses join the AI-augmented workforce.

Automating Tasks with Advanced AI Technologies

We develop bespoke business solutions to automate repetitive tasks, optimize business processes, and help businesses transform with the help of Artificial Intelligence – based on the best machine learning technologies, neural networks, image recognition, natural language processing, LLM, robotics and more.

Custom AI Solutions

Elevating Client Services with AI Concierges


By reducing resource utilization, we enable businesses to upskill existing workforce to perform higher-skilled tasks, acting as personalized concierges for their clients, working in symbiosis with AI-integrated solutions to help and guide clients to quickly resolve queries with less frustration, ensuring comprehensive awareness of available data and resources within company’s data streams.

Seamless Integration of AI into Your Business Processes

Our orchestration services connect various internal and external to your company applications and data sets and manage all requests and data flows coherently, using AI capabilities. We are flexible in hooking to existing APIs or creating custom solutions tailored to your specific use case.

Enhancing Productivity with Digital Augmentation Agents

Workforce Augmentation

Integrator JSC enables businesses to augment their existing workforce. With our Digital Augmentation Agent, we assist employees in increasing productivity, arming them with enhanced capabilities to quickly process data and produce analysis, define subsequent actions, and engage in multiple interactions simultaneously in a language-agnostic setting.

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